Been Burgled?

If you have been burgled recently you are likely to be in shock - feeling you need information quickly and wanting to do something urgently.

 If you're angry, let me explain something.  In my job as a security surveyor, I can visit five properties a day and of these perhaps three will have suffered a break-in - sometimes the proportion is higher. 

Nice people find it hard to perceive that there are others who might wish to break into their homes.  Logically they argue - "there is little of value in my house".  When it happens they are shocked.

There are reasons why you put off having an alarm system - don’t be hard on yourself.

My job in this situation is to try to stop it happening again so, please feel free to contact me and at any time - day, evening, weekends or holidays.   I’ll willingly speak to you - I’ll give the benefit of my experience and help, if I can.

You can contact me out of hours on 07967 270038

Ron Peel.  (Senior Surveyor)

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