We are often asked if we can give a price over the telephone and this we are pleased to do so feel free to give us a ring - but it can only be an estimate, an approximation. Once it is confirmed that our prices are within budget a survey is essential.

A survey is needed in order to properly establish the level of security coverage required and how long the installation will take.

All aspects of the property need to be taken into account including the location, construction, layout and vulnerability

There will be questions about patterns of occupancy, about areas or items needing special consideration. Is there a room with a safe, where is the computer server, the comms room etc?

You may be offered an insight into how thieves operate and think. For example, there was a time when VCRs and computers were high on the list of stealable items but now these products have little resale value.

Today, the trend is jewellery (as always) laptops, Apple's products, cameras, passports and car-keys. The last item is the most worrying because to steal a modern car they need to get into the house to get the keys - usually at night and when the house is occupied.

In accordance with the European standards, there is a requirement to carry out an insurance-style risk assessment so be prepared for some delicate questions about home contents, value of stock, prior break-ins.

Insurance companies will often insist on a security system as a condition of insurance cover and may well impose specific system requirements. They might for example insist on a particular system grading or a connection for police response. Explanation: The European Standards apply a system grade to all new installations.

Just like the police, security surveyors are often called in following a break-in and they carry a wealth of experience having seen the results of burglaries, first hand. However, when suggesting a solution, the customer's needs and their point of view are a paramount consideration.

The survey doesn't usually take long. Once completed, we will forward a specification and a quotation (through the post) together with other literature to guide you in your decision.

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