Company Profile - Continued

The Home installation.    There is no doubt that working in someone's home demands the most careful approach, attention to detail and a high level of installation skills. Prior to the company's official incorporation the principals installed house alarms on a part-time basis. Installing in people's homes is where we cut our back teeth and acquired those special techniques.

But then, our time in the house-building industry was also beneficial.  We leant how houses are built from the concrete slab up and this experience is one of the reasons we're able to run cables and conceal wires with the minimum disruption - leaving the customer with an impeccable installation.

The Business Customer:   We have a substantial customer base and a large proportion is made up of commercial installations.  These are all Police-response installations and they use a signalling system to communicate with the Alarm Receiving Centre.

We are able to supply and install a variety of signalling systems from the inexpensive Digital communicator to the top-of-the-range RedCARE.  Here, in Solihull, we are well known by the business community so references would never be a problem.

No matter what the shape or size of your business, the product, the service or the complexity, we will deliver a first-class installation and assiduos service.

Wireless system. Until recently wireless was rarely used by professional installers but, today, the technology is reliable. There is a place for wired, wireless and hybrid systems but the choice may not always be as straightforward as it appears - when we meet we will gladly guide you in your choice.

Police-response.  There is a lot of confusion about whether or not the police will respond to an intruder alarm activation and we can deal with this quickly.  Even if you live in a bedsit you can have the police respond to your alarm - but the important thing to know is that the installation has to be done by an accredited company.  An NSI-Gold firm, Audible & Visual Security have all the right authorizations.

Police-calling is the ultimate but, interestingly and contrary to expectations, not at all costly.

The House Builder: In our early days we saw the house-builder as an important market sector - a sector where we might win multiple orders. Over a period of twenty years we built the business to the point where we had a parallel team working solely on new houses. We were completing four alarm systems per day for companies such as Gallaghers, Redrow, McAlpines, Wimpey, Charles Church, Lovells, David Payne, Barretts - and many others.  Look around Solihull and surrounding districts and you'll see hundreds of our bell boxes.

We purposely down-sized our involvement in this sector because to maintain volume we had to travel far and wide but we still like working on house-building sites and would welcome the opportunity to quote for the smaller, local developments or one-off projects. We no longer think of ourselves as a subcontractor but we believe that when it comes to the house-builder, few have our depth of experience.  

Training:  In a business like ours the engineers deliver the final product so it will come as no suprise when we explain that we invest a significant effort in this area of training.  Engineers are encouraged to value their skills and take pride in their work. The last 5% is crucial they are taught, maintain standards to the end and never rush to finish.

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