Call Us On 0121 705 4546

Call Us On 0121 705 4546

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Alarm options:

Audible Only:  This is an alarm installation using warning devices to signal an alarm activation and draw attention to the property. Guidance - do not agree to system that has no external sounder.

Smartphone App:  This is such a useful and convenient option. Not only do you receive notifcations if your alarm is "triggered" you are able to switch the alarm off, interrogate the log, isolate a troublesome circuit, set the alarm again - all from your 'phone.

Police response:  Yes, provided the alarm company is accredited, a police-calling alarm is an option. Nowadays, there are built-in safeguards against false alarms and they work well. We have installed policed systems into bedsits for students, old folk living alone and the not-so-old. If your situation, your property or your lifestyle warrants police response, give us a call ... Guidance freely offered is what you need.

Trouble with your existing alarm  ... needs a minor upgrade, a major upgrade, even, or perhaps a long overdue service? However we can help – would be nice to hear from you.

Mr Smith 1068 Charterminster Rd., Hillfield.

  • I turn up on time ... M42  permitting.
  • Show ID card ... initial introductions
  • Accept a cup of tea ... if one is offered.


  • I ask ... "has there been an incident"
  • I proceed accordingly ... and sensitively.
  • I ask for a tour of the property ... Inside and out.
  • The purpose of the tour is to identify the weakness ... the tour will be thorough ... as thorough as the client allows.
  • The client and I go on to discuss the alarm coverage ... I explain the technicalities.
  • At this stage I do not need a commitment ... I am happy to leave, telling the client that a quotation letter will follow soon after.
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