Service cover

… why is it so important?

Reliability is one reason - a service check will identify the circuits or components not working effectively, it will make the system less liable to false alarms and other important checks will help to ensure the system remains robust to attack.

Compliant intruder systems are cleverly constucted and the circuits so designed that attempts to tamper with them will result in a system activation - even in the unset mode.

Anti-tamper circuits are of course necessary but, in a poorly maintained installation, the electronics will detect a weakness as an attempt to interfere...and the sounders will trigger.

These problems are amplified when the user finds that the system cannot be switched off. This is not uncommon and the situation stressful.

Another reason. There should be at least two batteries in a compliant system and in some, many more. If these are in poor condition the system will not function as it should and problems ensue.

Emergency response is another. "There is nothing worse than a troublesome alarm system". This is a saying of ours and you will agree, no doubt, if the alarm goes off at some unspeakable hour.

Every user knows that their alarm will malfunction and accept that they will need to call an engineer from time to time...

...but few are prepared for the emergency, the need for an engineer in the middle of the night or at weekends.

We aim to please and will try to deal with your fault on the day it is reported but alarm companies, like any business, have to cover their costs - same-day cover and emergency response is assured but only to customers who contribute to the service scheme.

Audible Security will not only provide a same-day response but 24-hour emegency cover 365 days of the year.

It makes sense to get your system covered - and at such a small cost, there is no reason why you shouldn't.

And finally, not intended as a slogan but merely sound advice, never undervalue your alarm system ... you had it installed to signal a warning… MAKE SURE IT DOES.

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