What is the NSI and NACOSS-Gold?

NSI stands for the National Security Inspectorate and NACOSS-Gold is their top accredition.

The NSI is an independent, non-profit making supervisory body existing solely for the purpose of ensuring member companies comply with the industry Standards and Codes of Practice.

We emphasise that The NSI is not a trade association.

Compliance with the Standards is achieved by demanding that all GOLD companies attain accreditation to the Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Silver companies are not required to conform to this demanding Standard.

As a qualified lead assessor, accredited by the Department of Trade and Industry, the NSI is required to visit every member company twice a year to carry out an inspection visit. During these 'quality audits' all areas of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 are checked and site visits are scheduled to inspect installations and conduct technical audits.

If any deviations are found during these visits a non-compliance is recorded with a requirement that the deviation be rectified within a specified time scale. Companies that continually fail to meet the standards can be struck of the list of approved members.

In the event of a dispute between company and customer, the NSI will, at the request of the customer, investigate the complaint. If, as a result of the investigation, the customer's complaint is upheld then the NSI will insist that the cause of the complaint is remedied within a given time scale and at the company's expense.

NACOSS_Gold Companies are the top eschelon of the alarm industry and we emphasise this by mentioning ADT, the worlds largest security company. Like them we, too, are NACOSS-Gold accredited - there is no higher merit.

We often tell people that ADT is the worlds largest accredited company and we the smallest ... an amuzing little fact ... probably inaccurate.

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